Women and Children's Health Core Action Group

The Women and Children's Health Core Action Group (WCHCAG) has been mandated to develop/enhance the overall service delivery system for women, children and youth's services. The core action group will have specific responsibility for the following:

Design of a more integrated system of services that leverages multiple providers in mutually beneficial partnerships, all focused on ensuring equitable access to patient/client and family centred care.  In designing this system, the WCHCAG will:

  • Ensure that a comprehensive inventory of existing services is compiled and is easily available to providers and families
  • Confirm an overarching vision for a renewed and integrated system of care delivery,
  • Translate available research into regional initiatives
  • Identify and advise on current gaps in the system and confirm priorities for immediate action to address the gaps and achieve the vision
  • Conduct women focus groups to engage the local women to understand their  health care needs.
  • Ensure consistency with the overall Central West LHIN  Integrated Health Systems Plan 2.
  • Identify opportunities for the integration of Women and Children’s Health services in the Central West LHIN

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