French Language Services (FLS) Core Action Group

The French Language Services (FLS) Core Action Group works towards improving access and accessibility to culturally and linguistically appropriate health care services in French throughout the LHIN.

The FLS Core Action Group brings providers into a mutually beneficial partnership focused on ensuring equitable access to French language health services. This group also offers an opportunity for identified French language service providers to come together to share best practices and common challenges in the implementation of their French Language Yearly Implementation Plans.

The FLS Core Action group supports the implementation of the Reflet Salvéo – Central West, Mississauga Halton and Toronto Central LHINs Joint Annual Action Plan and acts as an advisory board for the development and integration of French language services in various LHIN projects.

Terms of Reference

FLS Core Action Group Terms of Reference

Members and Work Plan

FLS Core Action Group Members 
2013-2014 Work Plan

Meeting Materials

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