Client Support Centre (Call Centre) Improvement Initiative

Participating Organization(s): Circle of Care


The Client Support Centre Improvement Initiative was designed to improve the client and staff experience with Circle of Care, and to improve access for clients to resolve issues or speak to agency staff. Prior to this initiative, the call answer rate was well below the industry standard. Staff were unable to manage the volume of calls and this impacted the call-in experience. There were missed urgent and non-urgent calls and challenges with managing any future potential agency growth. 

The interdisciplinary team used a lean methodology to highlight the root cause of the existing challenges and to collaboratively develop solutions. The team shadowed staff, connected with close to 200 callers (clients, staff, personal support workers), and led a two-day kaizen event. As a result, the team developed a new call flow, modified the team structure, and established task assignments, standard work, call scripts and charting templates. 

The Client Support Centre, through extensive stakeholder engagement (client, caregiver, frontline staff, administrative staff, senior leadership), is now meeting its new call answer rate target and has improved the caller and staff experience, exemplified by improved team satisfaction in the Client Support Centre and reduced client complaints regarding wait times.