Becoming a Butterfly Home: Piloting the Butterfly Household Model of Care in Ontario

Participating Organization(s): Dementia Care Matters, Region of Peel


Between March 2017 and March 2018, the Region of Peel embarked on a one-year journey to pilot a dementia care approach called the Butterfly Household Model of Care™ (Butterfly Model). Working together with Dementia Care Matters™, an organization from the United Kingdom, the Region transformed one home area within Malton Village Long Term Care Centre into the first Butterfly Home in Ontario. 

The Butterfly Model is a national accredited culture change model that strives to make environments for people living in the advanced stages of dementia enriching, engaging, and more home-like. 

While dementia care has traditionally been task-oriented, the model emphasizes transforming care for people living with dementia by focusing on emotions, social history and creating a home-like environment. It also relies on engagement and continual feedback from people living with dementia and their caregivers. Clinical care processes are enhanced to not only meet the provincial regulatory standards, but to help meet the clinical, social and emotional needs of people living with dementia.

Pilot findings from this model highlight improvements in quality of life, increased engagement of residents and caregivers, reductions in responsive behaviours and antipsychotic medication without a diagnosis of psychosis, and positive impacts on workplace culture for staff.

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