Achieving Health Quality, Safety and Enhanced Experience for Community-Based Clients: A collaborative medication management program

Participating Organization(s): Peel Senior Link, Resident Care Pharmacy


Peel Senior Link, in partnership with Resident Care Pharmacy, developed a comprehensive Medication Management Program (MMP) that involved creating policies and procedures, orientation videos, audit procedures, service agreements, ongoing evaluation and performance improvement, and providing access to 24-hour pharmaceutical support.

Clients who are on multiple drug regimens and who are experiencing cognitive loss or physical challenges that keep them from safe medication administration, receive in-person delivery of the medications at the prescribed time by a Personal Support Worker (PSW). The PSW instructs, cues and encourages the client to take their medications under supervision and within their scope of practice. 

The objective of the program is to reduce medication-related errors and hospitalization rates, delay or avoid long-term care placements, and ensure that seniors have the capacity for continued independence. 

Since initiating the program, medication errors have been drastically reduced, and more importantly, family experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. As an example of the type of responses the program has been receiving, one caregiver commented: 

“Our goal for my mother is to keep her at home until the end of her life. The medications program is a lifesaver and is allowing us to keep her in the comfort of her own home.”  - Caregiver, 2018