The Central West LHIN 2019 Quality Awards

A celebration of quality and excellence, the Central West LHIN Quality Awards recognize the achievements of local teams as they relate to strategic directions and initiatives outlined in the LHIN’s 2016-2019 Integrated Health Service Plan.

Our theme for this year’s awards, Best Patient Experiences . . . Best Patient Outcomes . . . Making it Happen, speaks to the exceptional achievements of local teams across the LHIN whose innovative and outcomes-driven initiatives are making a significant difference in the lives of patients and their families. It is evident, from the many award submissions received, that quality and excellence in health care is thriving in in the Central West LHIN thanks to a collaborative mindset, a focus on engaging patients and families, and a determination to deliver a better overall experience and outcomes.

We are proud to showcase these transformative initiatives that truly demonstrate the intrinsic value of health service providers, community partners, patients and families, the LHIN and others working in collaboration. Aligned with the LHIN’s 2016-2019 Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP), these initiatives are evidence of how varying perspectives, knowledge, talent and expertise can lead to sustainable change, greater efficiencies, and exceptional outcomes that benefit both patients and the health system alike.



Integrated Approach to Stroke Rehabilitation for Mild Stroke Patients 

Participating Organization(s): 1to1 Rehab, West GTA Stroke Network, William Osler Health System, Central West LHIN Home and Community Care



Becoming a Butterfly Home: Piloting the Butterfly Household Model of Care  in Ontario 

Participating Organization(s): Dementia Care Matters, Region of Peel


Achieving Health Quality, Safety and Enhanced Experience for Community-Based Clients: A collaborative medication management program 

Participating Organization(s): Peel Senior Link, Resident Care Pharmacy 


Client Support Centre - Call Centre - Improvement Initiative

Participating Organization(s): Circle of Care


NeuroBehavioural Program: Management of Neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia in long-term care
Participating Organization(s): Region of Peel, William Osler Health System



2019 Quality Awards Theme




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