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LHINs do not have formal funding or planning authority for most primary care models, with the exception of primary care services provided through Community Health Centres which are directly funded by and accountable to the LHINs. However, both LHINs and primary care physicians view physician involvement in priority settings, strategy development and health system planning as critical for success.

The items below will give you access to the resources specifically made available for physicians. Feel free to visit the rest of our website for more information on the LHIN and how it is working to transform the local health system.


The Telehomecare program enables chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and congestive heart failure (CHF) patients to manage care from the comfort of their own home. As part of the program, patients are wirelessly connected to nurses who provide remote monitoring and regular health coaching sessions to help these individuals better manage their conditions.

Patients continue to have appointments with their existing health care providers as needed, while working with dedicated nurses to set goals and learn how to manage their health through easy-to-use home monitoring equipment. The goals of Telehomecare include improving patient self-management, reducing emergency department visits and fewer hospital admissions.

To learn more about Telehomecare please see the resources below.


Primary Care Connect

The Primary Care Connect website provides primary care providers with information about in-home, community-based and other health care options that can help support your patients' health and independence, along with the care you and your team provide. We believe that primary care is fundamentally important and we are here to partner with you in providing care that truly "wraps around" patients by supporting them across the care continuum.

Central West LHIN Primary Care Network


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