Resources for Multi-Sector Organizations

Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreements (MSAAs)

To view the current MSAAs with in the Central West LHIN please click here.

MSAA Steering Committee Communiqués

September 2016   English   French
April 2016  English   French
January 2016 English  French
September 2015  English   French
October 2014   English   French
March 2014   English   French 
December 2013  English Only
February 2013   English  French
November 2012   English  French
October 2012  English  French


MSAA Template 
MSAA Template 2013 English Only
MSAA Summary of Main Differences 2013 English Only

2014-17 MSAA Supporting Materials 
MSAA Indicator Education (Refresh) Session Presentation Slides  English Only
2016-17 MSAA Refresh - Technical Specifications
English Only
2016-17 MSAA Schedules and Indicators Education
 English Only 
2016-17 MSAA Indicators Refresh
 English Only 
2016-17 MSAA Target Setting Guidelines
English Only

2017-18 MSAA CAPS Supporting Materials 
CAPS 2017-18 User Guide  English Only
CAPS 2017-18 Education Slide Deck English Only
CAPS 2017-18 Community Quarterly Report User Guide English Only
CAPS 2017-18 CAPS Guidelines
English Only
MSAA 2017-18 Indicators English Only
MSAA 2017-18 Target Setting Guidelines
English Only
MSAA 2017-18 Indicator Technical Specifications
 English Only 

MSAA Schedule D Directives, Guidelines and Policies
Community Financial Policy 2016 English  French
Personal Support Services Wage Enhancement Q&A (2015/16) English
Personal Support Services Wage Enhancement Directive 2014
 English Only
Policy Guideline for CCAC and CSS Collaborative Home and Community-Based Care Coordination, 2014   English Only 
Policy Guideline Relating to the Delivery of Personal Support Services by CCACs and CSS Agencies, 2014  English Only
Protocol for the Approval of Agencies under the Home Care and Community Services Act, 2012  English Only
Assisted Living Services for High Risk Seniors Policy, 2011 (ALS - HRS)  English Only
Community Support Service Agency Complaints Policy (2004)  English Only
Assisted Living Services in Supportive Housing Policy and Implementation Guidelines (1994)   English Only 
Attendant Outreach Service Policy Guidelines and Operational Standards(1996)   English Only 
Screening of Personal Support Workers (2003)   English Only 
Guideline for Community Health Service Providers Audits and Reviews, August 2012   English Only 

Timelines and Key Deliverables (TBD)

  • CAPS launch onto SRI for HSPs
  • HSP Training Materials Available
  • LHINs complete local HSP Q&A session
  • CAPS submit to LHIN

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