Resources for Hospitals

Hospital Service Accountability Agreements (HSAAs)

To view the current HSAAs with in the Central West LHIN please click here.

HSAA Steering Committee Communiqués

September 2016  English   French 
March 2016 English  French
February 2015   English  French
December 2014  English
November 2014   English  French
May 2013   English  French
January 2013   English  French
November 2012  English  French

Reference Materials         

Narrative & PIP Program Description 2014/2015 English Only
Launch Presentation 2016/2017  English  French 
Guidelines 2016/2017 English French
FAQ 2016/2017 English French
 Launch Presentation 2017/2018 English
Guidelines 2017/2018 English
 FAQ 2017/2018 English
Supplemental Input 2015 - 2017 English Only
Education Deck 2015/2016  English
Technical Specifications 2016/2017 English Only
Target Setting Guidelines 2016/2017 English Only

Additional Policies, Directives and Guidelines

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