The Central West LHIN

Patient and Family Advisory Committee 

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As part of a commitment to placing the needs of patients first, Ontario's Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) aim to engage and empower patients, families and caregivers in helping to shape their local health care systems. It is with this important objective in mind, and in support of Ontario’s Patients First Act, Patient and Family Advisory Committees (PFACs) are being established in each of Ontario’s 14 LHINs.

Through the sharing of unique health care stories, opinions, perspectives and experiences, the voices of patients, family members and caregivers will help to inform, influence and, in some instances, co-design programs and services within their local health care system.

Meet the Central West LHIN PFAC

Central West LHIN Patient and Family Advisory Committee 

Back Row (L-R): Brock Hovey, Vice President Corporate Services, Accountability and Quality, Central West LHIN; Kimberley Floyd, Vice President Home and Community Care, Central West LHIN; Gurjit Kaur Baines; Tino Sequeira; Tony Schettini; Nancy Labelle, Quality Lead, Central West LHIN; Scott McLeod, CEO, Central West LHIN; Patricia McKernan, Director Quality, Risk and Safety, Central West LHIN; Robert Appelbe.  

Front Row (L-R): Nathasha Swaminathan; Mary Jane McNally, Chief Patient Experience Officer, Central West LHIN; Colette Smith; Jameel M. Lodhi.

Not Pictured: John Birks, Debora Sipkema



Active recruitment for the Central West LHIN PFAC is presently closed. However, we are always looking for passionate individuals and community advocates who want to be a part of the conversation.

Expected to meet monthly and committed to meeting no less than six times per year, the Central West LHIN PFAC will include between 10 to 15 members who ideally represent the LHIN’s multicultural and geographic diversity. More specifically, the LHIN is seeking committee members who are committed to improving and enhancing the patient experience, and who share the following qualities and attributes: 

  • Have had recent lived experience with the health care system as either a patient, family member or both
  • Lives within the Central West LHIN
  • Able to see beyond their own personal experience
  • Committed and passionate about enhancing the patient experience
  • Open-minded and solution-oriented, with a positive attitude
  • Able to speak in a large group or in front of others.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer member of the Central West LHIN PFAC, please submit submit your application at any time through the link below. Your application will be kept on file for potential participation on an informal basis, and for consideration during our next recruitment campaign. 

Our objective is to deepen and broaden patient and family engagement within the Central West LHIN. 

Thank you for your interest in the Central West LHIN PFAC and in making healthy change happen!