LHIN Planning and Reporting 

In support of its mandate, the Central West LHIN publishes various reporting and planning documents including Integrated Health Services Plans (IHSPs), Annual Reports (ARs), Annual Business Plans (ABPs) and Audited Financial Statements (AFSs). 

Of note, the ABP is the LHIN’s work plan for a given fiscal year, outlining key activities it will undertake to implement strategic directions and initiatives outlined in the IHSP. It outlines how the LHIN will build on the progress and achievements made during the previous fiscal year, which is outlined in the AR. While different in purpose, they both work to compliment the IHSP, providing a comprehensive and meaningful understanding of how the Central West LHIN works with a broad spectrum of local and provincial partners to provide a high-quality, person-centred health care system for local LHIN residents.

Financial statements convey the business activities and financial performance of the LHIN for a given fiscal year. 

Audited Financial Statements