Expense Reports

Ontario's Action Plan for Health Care outlines the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's (MOHLTC) commitment to providing better patient care through better value from health care dollars. Committed to ensuring the highest standard of integrity when spending tax payers dollars on all operational matters, from  procurement processes to travel expenses, the Central West LHIN ensures all staff and Board Members are consistently in compliance with provincial spending and procurement practices including openness and transparency as outlined in the Public Sector Expenses Review Act, 2009.

What follows are detailed expenses of Board Members and senior LHIN staff, incurred as they engage with our stakeholders in managing the local health care system.

Board of Directors


Central West LHIN Senior Staff

Maria Britto, Chair   Scott McLeod, Chief Executive Officer
Hon. John McDermid, Vice Chair  
  Kim Delahunt, Senior Director Health System Integration
Adrian Bita, Director
  Kimberley Floyd, Senior Director, LHIN Transition 
Suzan Hall, Director
  Brock Hovey, Senior Director Health System Performance
Jeff Payne, Director 
  Andrew Hussain, Regional Chief Information Officer
Pardeep Singh Nagra, Director

Board of Directors (Past)


Central West LHIN Senior Staff (Past)

Lorraine Gandolfo - End of term 26 October 2016 
  David Colgan, Senior Director (resigned April 2016) 
Gerry Merkley - End of term 16 June 2016   Mimi Lowi-Young, Chief Executive Officer (resigned August 2012)
Ken Topping - End of term 5 October 2016
Pat Stoddart, Senior Director (resigned February 2011)
Winston Isaac - End of term 12 January 2015       
Emily Tan - End of term 31 March 2012  
Terry Miller - End of term 9 June 2011
Joe McReynolds - End of term 9 June 2011
Kuldip Kandola - End of term 9 June 2011

Anita Gittens - End of term 17 May 2011

Zygmond Novak - End of term 6 June 2010


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