The Central West LHIN Landscape

The Central West LHIN is very much a mosaic of geographic and cultural diversity and, as a result, there are a host of unique factors that impact the LHIN’s ability to achieve its mandate. 

Population Profile

The Central West LHIN is home to over 840,000 residents who make up 7% percent of Ontario’s total population. The population is predominantly urban. 86% percent of residents reside in urban areas, while the remaining 14% percent live in a mixture of urban/rural (8%) and rural communities (6%). More...

Health Profile

36% percent of adults residing within the Central West LHIN have one chronic condition, while 14% percent have multiple chronic conditions. 36% percent of local residents are obese and 60% percent are physically inactive. At 12% of the total population, the LHIN also has the third highest prevalence rate of diabetes in Ontario. More...

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